Hey! It's me Cayla.

I am a 29 year old Fiancé and Mumma living in Mandurah, Western Australia.
I have always loved taking photos, I have my phone in my hand ready to go all the time! So I decided I wanted to do photography as a living.
I believe that every family should have professional photos of their family. After all, when everything is lost, photographs are all we have to remember.

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Precious Thoughts

After becoming a Mum I have realised how precious our time is. I want to remember the tiny details, the lines on my daughters feet, the way her hair falls after a nap, her cute little button nose, her beautiful excited eyes. Having photographs of your family is a sure way of always having those memories close to you.

More about Me

I have travelled a little around Australia, Bali, Europe and New Zealand. I am an absolute sucker for New Zealand and it would have to be my favourite place in the world. My Fiancé John proposed to me while we were travelling around both islands for 4 weeks. I can't wait to grow my family and travel to all the amazing places we have been to and show them so much more. I have 3 beautiful girls, Amara is 3 and is full of love and sass, she is a little comedian who loves to make everyone around her laugh. Malia who is the newest edition and she is super chill, loves a good tickle and lovessss the water. Lastly my step daughter Niwareka, who has been living with us for almost 2 years she is 9 going on 19 and is full of attitude but is one of the most caring girls I've ever met.

For me it's not just about taking photographs. It's about creating memories that you can hold onto forever. Every family deserves beautiful photos to keep for ever, every mum deserves to have amazing photographs with their children and not just have selfies. I am doing this not just because I love to do this but because YOU deserve to have your life documented. Everybody has a story and I want to help you share yours.