Hey, it's me Cayla

I am a 27 year old Fiancé and Mumma living in Mandurah, Western Australia. I love being a Mumma, taking pictures of everything, make-up, drawing, making cakes and travelling. After getting my family photos done by an amazing Perth photographer and feeling the way I did when I received those photos I decided that out of all the things I love to do I wanted to make people feel the same way I did. I want to do something that not only makes my heart happy and warm but yours too!

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Precious Thoughts

After becoming a Mum I have realised how precious our time is. I want to remember the tiny details, the lines on my daughters feet, the way her hair falls after a nap, her cute little button nose, her beautiful excited eyes. Having photographs of your family is a sure way of always having those memories close to you.

More about Me

I have travelled a little around Australia, Bali, Europe and New Zealand. I am an absolute sucker for New Zealand and it would have to be my favourite place in the world. My Fiancé John proposed to me while we were travelling around both islands for 4 weeks. I can't wait to grow my family and travel to all the amazing places we have been to and show them so much more. I have a 1 year old daughter Amara and a 7 year old step daughter Niwa, she lives in New Zealand with her mum and she has travelled to more places than me!

I worked a retail job for 12 years and while doing that I got a second job and worked hospitality for 4 years. I worked 7 days a week usually 60+ hours a week, and I absolutely LOVED it. I was known as the workaholic because I hated days off. I like to stay busy and motivated and days off made me tired. Being a mum you never get a day off so I'm loving life but I miss the social interaction. I'm so glad I made the jump to go into photography because I know on top of being a Mum this will keep me on my toes and I get to meet so many people and their families!

I'm super excited to go on this new journey, if you are interested to learn more flick me an email!